I am happy to share this site with you all my dear friends. My effort here is to inform the world about my work, struggle, and attempt to make this world more comfortable, pristine and friendly. I am an amateur photographer, runner, content developer, and qualified research student. My native language is Hindi, and I am learning English and other languages simultaneously. I like local cultures and working with the community for ensuring access to essential services and sustaining the city and village. I believe that imagination of sustainable world can only be possible when we equally work to make communities and towns living friendly. It could only happen when the idea of justice and fairness come on the ground. Humanity can just sustain when the policymakers and planners put justice vis-a-vis social, economic and political at the heart of development transformation where equity, equality, fairness and participatory development are the keywords.

I write here first for myself what I experience in my life, what I learn from reading and what I encounter during my work with the people and different communities.