Book chaptrers and Journal Articles

  • Law and Governance: Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic (with Prof. A. Malathi) in Social Work in Emergencies, Zubair Meenai and Archana Dassi (eds.), Bloomsbury, 2022
  • Forest Rights Act Enables State Control of Land and Denies Most Adivasis and Forest Dwellers Land Rights, in Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 55, Issue No. 6, February 2020
  • Urbanization and Slum Dwellers: A Study of NGOs in Delhi’s Slums in Emerging Challenges of Globalization and Development, Surinder Kumar and Fahimuddin (eds.), Rawat Publication, 2017
  • Investigating Social Justice in Urban Development Projects in India, in International Journal of Academic Research and Development, Vol. 2, Issue 5, pp-159-163, September 2017
  • Public Participation and Role of NGOs: A Study of Delhi’s Slums in Public Participation in Planning in India, Ashok Kumar and Poonam Prakash (eds.), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016
  • Politics of Funding: Interface of NGOs and CSR Provision in India in Corporate Social ResponsibilityQuest for Socio-Economic Transformation, Ranjit Singh Ghuman and Rajiv Sharma (eds.), CRRID, 2016

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